Recommended Reading:

Food Choice and Sustainability by Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Comfortably Unaware by Dr. Richard Oppenlander
The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J. Lisle, Ph.D. & Alan Goldhamer, D.C.
Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss
Forks Over Knives The Cookbook by Del Sroufe
The China Study All-Star Collection by Leanne Campbell, PhD
The Vegan 8 Cookbook by Brandi Doming
The PlantPure Nation Cookbook by Kim Campbell
Vegan Made Easy by Anja Cass
The How Not to Die Cookbook by Michael Greger, M.D., FACLM
The Engine 2 Cookbook by Rip Esselstyn & Jane Esselstyn
Freedom From Addiction by Neil T. Anderson, Mike & Julia Quarles
Victory Over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson
The Bondage Breaker by Neil T. Anderson
Mansions of the Heart:  Exploring the Seven Stages of Spiritual Growth
by R. Thomas Ashbrook