Aging and health. Such an interesting topic especially since we are in our 60’s and live in a 55+ community. It seems that people equate being old with being sick. Like once you are in your 50’s you start going downhill in your health, strength, etc. If you have a heart attack or cancer, it’s either because you are old or it’s in your family genetically.

The expectation that we’ve all probably believed is that children and young people are the healthiest, their parents are a little less healthy, and the elderly suffer from sickness and chronic disease and are most likely to be overweight or even obese. You’ve probably heard people blaming getting older for the weight they’ve put on and can’t get rid of or not being surprised when they’re diagnosed with a new medical condition or disease. Is this normal? Consensus seems to indicate that it is. If so, is it possible to reverse that trend and what is expected in the normal aging process?

In the book, “The Starch Solution” by John McDougall, MD and Mary McDougall, Dr. McDougall tells about how not only through personal experience in his own medical practice, but additionally through research in volumes written over 50 years that showed how patients with chronic, seemingly irreversible conditions, could be cured with one simple solution: a diet based on starch supplemented by vegetables and fruits. No pills or surgery needed. Over time, Dr. McDougall tested, documented, and systematized his plant – food, starch-based therapy into what is now the McDougall program.

Buzz and Carol have personally experienced how changing to a whole foods plant based diet has given us more energy and less sickness than we experienced when we ate the standard American diet. Carol has personally reversed the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis and decreased the inflammation in her body to less than 1%. She has lost over 34 pounds and kept it off for over 13 years. Her body fat is around 23%. She walks every day and does strength training with free weights. We play with our grandchildren. Personally, from our experience aging does not mean you will automatically get sick or gain weight. Our lifestyle choices do make a difference at any age!

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